About Cecconi

For more than three decades our family business, located vis-à-vis of St. Stephan’s Cathedral right in the city centre of Vienna, has been focused on arts and crafts, mainly on woodcarvings. We particularly directed our interest towards the ANRI carvings and are one of their leading dealers world-wide since then. Therefore our store is recognized as a meeting point for all lovers and collectors of the ANRI masterpieces throughout the world.

You will find the entire range of ANRI products: Nativities by Prof. Karl Kuolt, Fini Moroder, Juan Ferrándiz, Ulrich Bernardi, Walter Bacher and the series “Holy Land” from the “Vatican Library Collection”. Furthermore the adorable figurines by Sarah Kay, and the charming works of Juan Ferrándiz. As a matter of course you will also find the matchless animal interpretations by Gunther Granget, and the religious range including cherubs, angels and madonnas, mostly created by ANRI master sculptor Ulrich Bernardi.

In addition to the great choice of ANRI collectibles we offer a wide variety of other exclusive woodcarvings and decorative items: madonnas – nativities – angles – cherubs – block nativities – saints –and profane woodcarvings. Moreover you will find a large assortment of the renowned interpretations of the nativity in “terra cotta” by Sicilian artist Angela Tripi. We do also feature a huge selection of hand painted