Angela Tripi

No one can talk better about Christmas than Angela Tripi who has created these wonderful cribs that have travelled all over the world and are so expressive of art and tradition. Modelled in clay and clothed in fabrics, the Christmas Crib figures of Angela Tripi offer a fantastic panorama of the world of ancient traditions. These characters, with their intense expression and expressive gestures, are all unique pieces created with a great sense of artistry. The figures are individually hand-modelled in clay which is then dried at 940° centigrade. Each statuette is then painted and clothed in special fabrics and given accessories.

Who does not still remember the moment when the figures, jealously kept their box, would be taken out to be returned to their place beside the Manger of the Infant Jesus? This is the magic moment around the Christmas Crib which evokes intense joy and emotion, it awakens the positive side of one’s personality, it brings the family close together, and it gives birth again to the child who lives on deep in the soul of adults.

This is an old technique going back to the eighteenth century when it was practised by Giovanni Matera, a renowned artist of the time and th