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“The Little Folk of the Salvans” – carved out of Pine wood.

One of the most popular legends of the Ladin Valleys and the Dolomite Alps is that of a quaint, mysterious dwarf-like mountain folk known as Salvans.
These trolls with only four fingers on each hand and only four toes on each foot lived in caves and hollow trees high in the mountains.
Their clothes were made of animal skin like from bear or wolf, and they ate wild berries and fruits. They were a shy but efficient little folk without greed or desire for material wealth.

Sometimes during the harsh winter months, when food was scarce, they would come down into the valleys and visit the farmers. In exchange for some hearty food and a warm place to sleep, they would tell the farmers some of the secrets and mysteries of the mountains. They would talk about the weather, explaining the sayings of the wind, the power of springs, and explain the special qualities of flowers and plants.

The Salvans were a very jovial folk, at each celebration they would entertain people with their own folk dances.
On the other side they took great pride in creating the Royal garments for their leaders, King Laurin and his lovely Queen Samblana who where the rulers of the Dolomite Alps. They also produced their own armors and were the official guards and lookouts for the Royal Family.

ANRI and the people of the Ladin Valleys cherish with great pride the memories of the Salvan trolls, and we hope hope that now that you know the legend, that you too will want to have some of these delightful charming trolls in natural Pine wood. Maybe they will share some secrets with you too.