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It is the passion for the highest quality craftsmanship that characterizes KNEISZ nativities down to the last detail. For this they take a lot of time. The time that real handwork requires.
For their design, they combine three essential elements. On the one hand, the tradition of the cribs and Christmas pyramids of the “Erzgebirge”, which has lasted for generations. On the other hand, the roots in the “Bauhaus” design, with which they enrich the established tradition with a modern collection. And the unadulterated nature. KNEISZ only uses native wood which remains uncolored and unpickled natural. Each part of the patented collection is unique in its own color and grain.
In the meantime, they draw from 25 years of experience in the wood crafts and have long been one of the premium manufacturers. The enthusiasm for materials and design can be recognized in their Christmas pyramids, cribs and accessories right down to the last detail. With this collection KNEISZ Design has interpreted Biblical motifs of the Christmas story in modern design language. The high-quality pieces await you in exclusive gift boxes.